Today we focus exclusively on investing in small and mid-size companies offering unique and breakthrough technologies to the market. Our expertise in this domain gives us confidence that we can deliver superior results with less risk by participating in up markets and protecting capital in down markets. First Link usually acts as a co-investor and operating partner at the same time and may be considered as an efficient tool that provides operational added value to the investment manager and ultimately greater comfort to other investors. The function of our business is to strengthen the business operating model, lower the risks and deliver greater results.

First Link seeks undervalued companies with leading competitive positions, predictable and durable business models, and management that can achieve the sustained growth. By providing both our own and third-party expertise in assets and markets, we aim to invest in parallel with other investors giving assurance to other parties and delivering investment opportunities across the broadest range of sources.

We work with innovations with high returns, unique technologies, “no competition” and low risks.  Today we offer investment opportunities to the public security technologies, water and waste treatment, innovations in Oil&Gas which improve efficiency and reduce costs. For more information on our current projects, please contact us.