First Link promotes a technology-based model of business, using a strong international networking, multi-business integration and innovation solutions to “marry” startups and experienced business with finance opportunities and new markets.

Our equity team manages a diverse family of products. We provide professional expertise in finance, management, international trade and law, corporate and product development to bring the advanced technologies to the global market.

Philanthropy is deeply incorporated into First Link, and giving back to the community and supporting children and youth globally is a way of life for our company and our team members.

We support children in education and introduced BRIDGE THE GAP and PROJECT ZAED as a new way of distance education where by using new means of technologies children from rich countries deliver education to children in need from all around the world. Additionally, together with our partners we support global learning and install our E-SMART LIBRARY systems in libraries around the world.

Raising highly successful people and high-performance corporations is our priority. That is why the motto of First Link registered around the world incorporates the phrase: “Our goal — your success!”.